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About me

I used to wonder how the design on your t-shirt or other printable got there. It's not the printing of the design onto the product i'm refering to, everyone knows that, right !,


it's was how the actual design was created and by whom. I soon realised that you needed a reliable software program with all the tools packed inside or it was'nt going to happen.


Once i purchased my first reputable software and self taught myself how to operate it properly everything i had wondered slowly came together.


The rest is history and i have been creating original designs for around 20 years. At first it was just a hobby as i was always busy at work or bringing up a young family.


Now in my older years and recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it has been decided for me that my manual working life may be shorter that i had expected.


So now it's time to persue my earlier dream of creating original, sports and fun designs with you and who know's, i may inspire you to have a go and just do it for yourself.


I hope you like some of what you see and wish you a great day, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Thank you for visiting today, and remember to check back now and again.

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From the very beginning i have been creating my own personal designs with PSP, Paint Shop Pro version 7. I purchased the full package to assist me with my football website at the time. The software was'nt just a plug and play type of thing, i had to figure out what everything done. I got frustrated on many ocassions when i just could'nt master certain tools, but i'm the type that does not give up easily, so i kept on making mistakes until as i say, the penny dropped ( i suddenly understood ). Now i would'nt give PSP up for anything, no matter how good the others say they are.

Design, How we do it - Create your own t-shirt design.